Tuesday, April 5, 2016

David Folchi

David Folchi said in a comment on a post that landed on my Facebook wall:

"It indeed is slick and moving, but there is never a path to achieve these high in the sky over night changes. He blames everything on the wealthy.... Well this is America, it is all of our right to be able to achieve wealth. They should pay their fair share, but not foot the bill for everybody. He just can't produce in our system what he promises, and I am not even sure I want a country that gets everything given to them. Hard to compete with someone who offers the candy store. I just can say, read history, use common sense and take a business class. In some ways his message is the same as Mr. Trump, he is just groovy about how he says it. You have to look at all political adds for what they are, a sales pitch to sell a product."

I watched the video (http://theworldstyle.com/new-bernie-sanders-ad-is-bringing-people-to-tears-and-will-have-you-feeling-the-bern-video/) attached to the post. I did not see where Bernie was placing blame for everything on the wealthy. The video was about morality. Ad via You Tube

Sanders said: "There is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little,”  and
that we can achieve those "high in the sky" changes when we "stand together and not let people divide us."

I wanted to reply to David Folchi on that post, but comments were not available; assume because I am not Facebook friends with person who posted link which was then shared by a friend.

The cats who started this country decided that the U.S. of A. would provide for the general welfare of its citizens. I believe Mr. Folchi is missing the point ~ citizens are not anti-wealthy, they are anti-wealthy running our government. Those wealthy corporations are not about providing for the general welfare of citizens, they are about providing more wealth for themselves.

Donald Trump is a good example; he said he is greedy and is going to take, take, take for America. Taking means stealing; in this instance, to me, it means war. How moral is that? Let us go kill people so we can steal from them? I suppose in his own way Trump's ideal is an epitome of those early years when taking land from the natives who lived upon it was how our country grew.

The forefathers had their high in the sky morals detailing how they would achieve them (Constitution;) Have they ever been achieved? Or are we right back where we started ~ rather than Kings & Queens versus commoners, we have Wealthy Corporations ruling over the workers. Or most are still slaves building pyramids only the names have changed ~ employer & employee.

Too long for a blog post or even a comment; just had to reply to David Folchi's comment and know of no other way to do so.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


A recurring Facebook Timeline update asks What Qualities Make A Good President.

The posts originate from one of the Bernie Sanders pages. Many people who comment will say stuff like "all the qualities you have Bernie," or "Bernie Sanders has them all."

The first time I answered it, I answered from the perspective of a president of anything, then added something about what qualities a president of the United States would do well to possess.

What qualities do you think are essential for a president of the United States of America?

If I had been blogging, I would have copied and pasted some of the replies to be accurate.

One guy wanted a pres who is brutally honest; not afraid to say something because someone might get their itty, bitty feelings hurt. A Trump supporter for sure. That guy might have mentioned liberals and their feelings.

Honesty is a good quality. Telling an overweight woman who is wearing bright red horizontal stretch pants that she looks (insert nasty comment)  is in poor taste or rude.

Diplomacy comes with the US presidential package of duties; politeness & manners in a candidate score points with me. Imagine Trump calling Queen Elizabeth a fat pig, dog, bitch, loser, bimbo or alluding to her menstrual cycle or lack of same and her ability to satisfy her husband.

Here is a list of female leaders ~ those who adore Trumps' brutual honesty would do well to do some thinking about the effect of having a president who disparages women would be.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again

...that is, another US presidential election is upon us.

Ever since Google took over Blogger & other changes, I lost interest in airing my opinions. I have pretty much lost interest in doing anything other than playing Facebook games. For shame. Those are getting old & boring too; thought perhaps I can make blogging a regular habit again.

A friend wrote me a letter; she asked if I would vote for Donald Trump. She said she would; not a politician and, perhaps adding a good businessman. I wrote back: "No, I do not like him, but do not know why that is so." Did a search and found my reason:

A Birther! Hell no. He is either lacking intelligence or just making noise to get noticed. Either scenario is bad news for a future president of these here United States of America. Early in the 2008 election process, then Senator Barack Obama showed his birth certificate. Why he would be bullied into doing so when no other candidate to my knowledge had to produce one, is beyond me.

Okay, so it was not beyond me. In a few words; because of his skin color and his father's country of origin.

Yet, again, later in that same primary he produced it again. People were still upset: that is the short form, we want to see the long form. Oh, my. My short form birth certificate was issued by the city after showing a hospital birth certificate to the clerk. I do not remember that being long ~ just the thing hospital issues with baby footprints upon it. So why, many moons later, after being elected president did Trump goad the pres to show his birth certificate. Then Trump takes credit for being the only one to force Obama to comply.


Dumb or a publicity stunt, only The D knows for sure. I opt for lack of intelligence (first impressions are lasting ones.)

So, no I would never vote for Donald Trump. It surprises me how many intelligent people I personally know that actually support that clown.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

loathed by the majority

Brock Jones Hussaini, you are just as delusional as the rest of the Dems, loathed by the majority, supported by those who need government assistance because they are to lazy to go get a job.

I did not scroll back on The White House Facebook page's photo to see if Brock Jones was speaking to a FB user named Hussaini. I actually read it as Hussein  so used to seeing Obama haters refer to our president by his middle name. Or by his childhood nickname. Or some name variation ~ Oduma, Owebama, and so on.

I would suggest that Brock Jones look up the word majority in a dictionary. President Obama won re-election with 332 electoral college votes to Romney's 206. Ironic that Romney ended up getting 47% of the vote, whereas Obama got 51% of the popular vote, or the majority of citizens who voted in the 2012 U.S. presidental choose Obama. Why ever would that majority vote for someone they loathed?

In addition  I would suggest that Brock Jones do a quick web search. He would learn that the 65 million+ that supported Obama could not all be jobless. He would learn that a slim majority of U.S. citizens get public assistance. True, many corporations get federal government assistance, as do all fifty states, but since Brock says "to lazy to go get a job," in the same sentence, he is talking about what is commonly known as welfare.

It is, btw, too, not to. The exit polls show 44% of those who voted for Obama are over the age of 65. 47% are between the ages of 45 - 64, which means some of that age group are retired, as are a whole bunch more over age 65. Lazy? Yikes!

Others who do not have jobs are disabled veterans. LOL, Brock, I would love to see you face off with a veteran telling them they are too lazy to get a job. As a matter of fact, I am ROFL on that one. Then there are the mentally disabled. Try telling the schizophrenic to get a job; who is gonna hire them, eh?

Oh, yes, I do know some people afflicted with schizophrenia do work, limited capacity, usually very low paying menial labor. That is but one of the types of mental disorders that prevent citizens from working. Then there are the college students. Who is to say they are unemployed? Exit polls showed 19% in the 18 - 29 year-old age group, likely candidates for attending college, but people in other age groups can be students as well.

Imagine a person studying to be a doctor being told by the Brock Jone's of the world that they are too lazy to get a job. Sigh.

It is sad that uneducated people like Brock are eligible to vote. Common sense, says that Oprah Winfrey is not too lazy to get a job. Nor Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, especially not workaholic Walter Mosley. The list is endless. I personally know many, many employed citizens who support President Obama. I do not know who anyone votes for, however, because votes are secret.

The photo showed President Obama shaking hands with Senator Chuck Hagel after nominating him Secretary of Defense.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Obama and Child

This is The White House Facebook page photo that Selena M. Henley commented on.

"I told you Liberals! History does repeat itself......."

I do not get what Selena M. Henley means by history repeating itself, in the context of her post. True, according to Snopes link posted in previous post, Senators have been trying to repeal the 22nd Amendment many times. Untrue is that they ever succeeded, so how can this be history repeating?

But that is what happens when uneducated people like Selena post garbage comments.

Educated voters

Kathy King Selena M. Henley King, I cannot believe that "supposedly" educated American Voters' believe anything that comes from the candy coated fiberal media. They want you Obamanites in the dark so you never know what Obama is up to.<<<<<<

I was about to post a comment to Kathy King: Paranoia will destroy ya, when I realized she was replying to Selena M. Henley (I cannot believe that "supposedly" educated American Voters' believe anything that comes from the candy coated fiberal media. They want you Obamanites in the dark so you never know what Obama is up to). I also considered posting: He is up to 6' 1"...

The issue is that people like Selena M. Henley believe whatever lies come her way via whatever media or talking head  she listens to.

Selena M. Henley Daniel, he wants to do away with the 22nd Amendment. It is term limits set for The President, Vice and his royal jesters ........ He wants to be president-dictator forever ! I told you Liberals! History does repeat itself.......

I may not be highly educated, but I am smart enough to do a web search regarding President Obama and the 22nd Amendment. Snopes already did the work proving Selena is not an educated voter.


It always astonishes me when people refer to President Obama as a dictator. President George W. Bush, yes. He was the one who said, whatever he said exactly, that it would be easier if this were a dictatorship and I was the dictator.

He also declared (no quotation marks, I am not taking time to find exact quote,) that if you are not for us you are against us. So that if a citizen is redressing government for grievances  such as protesting the impending invasion of Iraq, and later that war of aggression  they would be deemed "against us,"or anti-American. That would make Bush's style one of dictatorship ~ my way or no way.

In addition, Hillary said the government has to make choices for citizens because the people can not make choices like that for themselves. Truly the mark of dictating, which is consistent with her style.

President Obama is the exact opposite in personality and ruling attitude as those two. Yet many citizens consider G. W. Bush to have been a great president and about 1/2 of those who voted in the 2008 Democrat primary wanted Hillary to be the nominee. All three, I believe, are moderates, not liberals, thus Selena's sarcasm about liberals is misplaced.

These comments were found on a The White House Facebook page's photo of President Obama. I guess the photo is in the public domain, so will download and post it here. Selena's ~ and the majority of other comments ~ have exactly zero to do with the lovely photograph.

When I realized that most all of my Facebook friends can see comments I make on pages, I decided to stay out of the comment wars, and will, instead start publishing my comments to comments on this unused blog.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Mass killings

I got involved in a Facebook comment conversation via a friends wall post (status update) ~ perhaps he shared an article or wrote about his feelings regarding gun control or regulations in the U.S.

I got tired of people writing in comments on the issue, where ever there is an article, and especially on The White House FB page, about China. Everyone knows about the Newtown, Connecticut mass shooting that killed 20 elementary school children and also some adults ~ principal, teacher, nurse, and so on. On the same day, December 14, 2012,  there was a knife attack that injured 20 elementary school students in China.

Pro-gun bans say yes people might use a knife if no guns are available, but the students in China did not die. WTF, okay that some had ears and fingertips severed. Hey, hey, hey, you lost an ear, but at least you are alive. The China incident might not be as tragic because those students lived through the horror, but it is still tragic, horrible and should no be held up as an example of why guns should be banned. Talk about sick thinking.

I kept replying to those comments that there were other knife attacks in China that resulted in death of elementary age students. Wanted to be more accurate. Typed this list, posted it on friend's status update conversation, then removed it. So what to do with the list? Why post it here, of course, for future reference.

*Erfurt, Germany, 2002, expelled 19-year-old student killed 16 at high school
*Dunblane, Scotland, 1996, 43-year-old man had 4 handguns, 16 kindergartners and their teacher were killed
*Winnenden, Germany, 2009, 17 year-old shooter got gun from parent's bedroom, killed 9 students aged 14-16, 2 teachers, fled killing another 4 people
*Emsdetten, Germany, 2006, 18-year-old shooter, junior high school, shot students, janitor, teacher, and threw smoke bombs (one report said 11 died, but I could not confirm that)
*Cumbrian, England, 2010, 52-year-old killed 12, starting with his twin brother, injured 11
*Hungerford, Berkshire, England, 1987, 27-year-old, two seim-automatic rifles, one handgun, killed 16, including his mother, wounded 15
*Tokyo, Japan, 2008, 25 year-old drove truck into crowd, got out stabbed at least 12 people, autopsies showed 3 died from being hit by truck, 4 from stabbings,
*China, 2010, man fatally stabbed his wife, mother, daughter, four neighbors and a migrant worker
*Beijing, China, 2010, killed 8 elementary school students by stabbing, 5 others wounded
on the same day in Leizhou, Guangdong, 2010, wounded 16 students and teacher with knife
*China, Shangdon, 2010, slashed 20 kindergarten students, 3 children and a teacher died
*China, Wang Hongbin, 2011, axe attack, killed child (pre- or Kindergarten age) and 3 adults, another child and adult seriously injured
*Taixing, Jiangsu, 2010,  28 Kindergarten students, two teachers, a security guard stabbed, 5 children died
*China, Wang Yonglai, 2010, broke school gate with motorcyle, injured 5 children with iron hammer, grabbed 2 childen as he set himself on fire, teachers grabbed them off the man
*Mexico, May 17, 2012, 49 disembered bodies found dumped on highway
*Mexico, May 4, 2012 nine people hanged from bridge
*Mexico, May 4, 2012 14 people decapitated
*Mexico, May 9, 2012 18 dead
*Brazil, April 2011 12 children killed, 20 wounded at school, ages 10-13, .32 and .38 revolvers with speedloaders
*Norway, 2011, mass shooting at youth camp, killing 69,  of youth, also planted bombs killing more ~ labeled as a terrorist
*Montreal, Canada 1989, 25-year-old killed 14 at university, with Ruger Min-14 semi-automatic rifle purchased legally, 14 others injured

Person I was replying to mentioned European nations with strict gun control regulations do not have a lot of these mass shootings. Also mentioned never happens in Canada, nor done by Mexican/Americans ~ which is true enough, but is not a uniquely United States problem.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Registered Voters by Political Party

After much research could not find an answer to my query as to how many registered voters there are per political parties. Best answer I could find:

About 55 million are registered Republicans.
About 72 million registered Democrats.
About 42 million are registered as independents, under some other
minor party or with a "No Party" designation.'

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_registered_Democrats_are_there_in_the_US#ixzz2478UAnfV